A Peek into Kuala Lumpur’s Music Scene

This trip to Kuala Lumpur has been a very different one from my other visits. My impression of KL has always been the twin towers and busy traffic, however, after getting to know Malaysians from Berklee, I was introduced to an amazing side of KL – her music scene. I realised that the difference between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, though we have many similarities, is the availability and type of music venues. Singapore has many small and large venues, but KL has something more, that is, medium-sized venues. To me, small venues are places such as restaurants or cafes with a corner for background music to be played, and large venues, it is pretty self-explanatory. On the other hand, medium-sized venues are also food places, but the main point of the venue is its stage. This allows growing indie artistes to have a platform to share their music and practice his/her performing craft. Singapore do have such venues but very few. I was at Alexis Bistro & Wine Bar in Bangsar and it was a Monday night. A WEEKDAY night and it was the most epic jam session that I have ever seen in Southeast Asia. Lead by Bassment Syndicate, talented musicians, both professional and hobbyists, came up to contribute to the music-making. I hope more of such cafes would pop up in Singapore.



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