Singapore’s Musical Landscape After A Year

I promised myself that I would make it to Night Festival this year after missing last year’s due to an exam that I had to sit for in Boston.

Coming home only after a year, boy, I am impressed how much Singapore has changed in her musical landscape! I don’t remember having that many gigs to attend during the weekday nights, let alone, be caught in a dilemma in choosing which gigs to forgo for another gig.

Firstly, right smack in the arts district of Singapore, the street theatre greeted me with a warm welcome back home.


Having just returned from the motherland of blues music, I was delighted to hear blues music by local musicians, Shak and the Baits, making the crowd go wild!


Sunday afternoon was very enjoyable seeing local lindy hop dancers and Australian swing band, SwingRocket jam together!


And Monday was back to my alma mater, watching familiar and new faces at the Tri-University piano ensemble concert at Esplanade Recital Studio! Featuring students and alumni from SMU, NUS and NTU.


Finally, Tuesday was the monthly Blue Monks Jam session at Artistry Cafe!


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I’m also excited about the opening of Montreux Jazz Cafe next month! It is the first one in this region, other locations being at Geneva, Montreux, Zurich, Paris, and Abu Dhabi. Can’t wait to see what’s lined up!

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