Caravan by Juan Tizol & Duke Ellington

Performed by Berklee Co-op Big Band on 29 Apr 2016
Conductor – Lydia Tan
Trumpet 1 – Orlando Latorre
Trumpet 2 – Yuta Yamaguchi
Trumpet 3 – Logan Gupta (Soloist)
Trumpet 4 – Charles Morgan
Trombone 1 – Louis Rabaso
Trombone 2 – Thomas Gaumer
Trombone 3 – Bryan Cooper
Bass Trombone – Alan Hsiao
Alto Sax 1 – Brandon Shelton
Alto Sax 2 – Ariel Loud
Tenor Sax 1 – Brandon Wilkins
Tenor Sax 2 – Sylvia Leys
Bari Sax – Chris Allison
Piano – Kristoffer Håvik
Guitar – Gregory Dallas
Bass – Jonathan Freeman
Drums – Eugene Seow

I Thought About You (Jazz A Cappella) composed by Jimmy Van-Heusen – featuring Ester Wiesnerová

Lead: Ester Wiesnerová
Tenor 1 & 2: Brandyn Kai
Bari: J Colby Ewatuya
Bass: Matthew Wong

If you’d like to hear more:
Ester Wiesnerová
Matthew Wong @matthewwong

Doxology (Folk Version) by Newsong – featuring Madison Hockaday

An arrangement of Newsong’s Doxology.
Lead: Madison Hockaday
Vocals: Caleb Savari, Ester Wiesnerová
Violin: Madison Hockaday
Guitar: Seah Weiwen
Drums/Percussion: Ian Ho
Sound Engineer: Simon Mongtrison
Arranger: Lydia Tan
Mentor: Lee Abe

If you’d like to hear more:
Madison Hockaday
Caleb Savari
Ester Wiesnerová
Seah Weiwen
Simon Mongtrison
Lydia Tan

Latin Arrangement for 5-Horn Band of On Green Dolphin Street by Bronisław Kaper

Keyboard Instrumental of A Thousand Years by Christina Perri
Video: Lucas Tan



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