Baixinho (2014)

Music by Lydia Tan and Sharifa Headley
Lyrics by: Marina Travesso and Sharifa Headley
Vocals: Sharifa Asha
Guitar: Federico Lopez
Drums: Bas Janssen

Istanblue (The Forgotten) (2016)

Soprano Saxophone – Ariel Loud
Violin 1 – Charmaine Lim
Violin Solo – Volt Witchuporn Jingjit
Oud – Aliya Cycon
Vibraphone – Ryan Fedak
Electric Guitar – Abhijit Nath
Bass Guitar – Javier Rojas
Frame Drum – Pedro Sanjur
Drums – Alex Michelsen

Visnenova (2016) – featuring Nate Guinto on Violin Solo

Flute – Jamichael Frazier (New York)
Violin 1 – Shaun Wesley (Singapore)
Violin Solo – Nate Guinto (California)
Clarinet – Sam Web Moffett (Connecticut)
Electric Guitar – Oliver Getz Rodahl (Norway)
Piano – Huei Li (Singapore)
Upright Bass – Javier Rojas (Ecuador)
Drums – Eugene Seow (Singapore)

If you’d like to hear more:
Jamichael Frazier
Nate Guinto
Oliver Getz Rodahl
Eugene Seow @eugene-seow

Conquerors (2014)
Piano: Lydia Tan
Vocal: Aaron Fan
Engineer: Jason Oon Music
Photo: Lucas Tan
Download & tip here

Afro-Cuban Jazz Piano Composed Solo (2014)
Piano: Lydia Tan
Backing Track: Rebecca Cline – Latin Jazz Piano Improvisation

Istanblue (Prelude) (2015)
Photo: Lydia Tan

Indochine (2015)
Photo: Lydia Tan

Clockwork (2014)
Photo: Lydia Tan

Feeling Christmassy (2014)
Piano: Lydia Tan
Photo: Lydia Tan

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