Big Band Showcase

Catch the Berklee Co-op Big Band this Friday, 4/29/16, at Berklee College of Music, 1140 Boylston St, 1A, Berk Recital Hall at 7pm!

Here’s a snippet of my arrangement of “Caravan”!

Berklee Music Education Choir – Vocal Jazz

Conducted the Berklee Music Education Choir today with them singing the vocal jazz piece I had arranged. Thankful for this opportunity and I hope to do more of this!

Massachusetts Music Educators Association All State Conference 2016

What an honour to be here at the MMEA All State Conference 2016, being surrounded by music educators sharing their years of experience in their specialisations. I love how conferences put people together and have such a powerful exchange of ideas and inspiration. I was particularly blown away by Rollo Dilworth’s flawless conducting and directing of such a large scale children’s choir!



Harvard Social Enterprise Conference 2016

Learnt so much about social entrepreneurship at SECON 2016, particularly from Gerald Chertavian, Founder/CEO of Year Up, Jordyn Lexton, Founder/Executive Director of Drive Change, and Marcus Shingles, CEO of XPRIZE Foundation.

Some quotes that I really liked:

“Teachers are mini revolutionaries in the classrooms.”

“Social enterprises have to think of system change. You have to work with the system, not against it.”

“True nobility lies superior to your formal self. Are you changing?”

“Nail it before you scale it.”

“People closest to the problems are closest to the solutions.”

“All entrepreneurship is social. You’re building a culture.”

“I left this planet better off when I found it.”


Evernote Snapshot 20160306 165039.jpg

Gerald Chertavian, Founder/CEO of Year Up

Jazz Bands in Public Schools in The US

Today was the Berklee High School Jazz Festival which involved different jazz bands and vocal jazz groups competing with each other. The atmostphere reminded me of the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) where various arts groups get together to compete. The main thing that struck me was the musicality of the high school students! I also recall meeting many professional musicians in Boston and Singapore who said that they started off from concert bands or jazz bands in public schools. It is so cool how students from all socio-economic backgrounds are given the opportunity to learn music through these channels. I hope one day Singapore would have jazz bands and vocal jazz groups in her government schools too. I believe the music culture will expand even more as jazz is the foundation of today’s popular music!

Here are some clips from the event:



First Moments as a Jazz Composer

This semester has been pretty hectic taking 5 writing classes and other electives. Of which, 4 were jazz composition classes and 1 was a vocal writing class which I hope to keep practising to get better at writing for vocal jazz!

The fun part about composing is getting musicians to play them! It brings me so much joy to give musicians music to enjoy.





The Musical Museum at Kew Bridge, London

During my stopover in London on my way back to Boston from Singapore, I visited The Musical Museum. The instruments there were brilliant! One particular one stood out to me, a type of jukebox that operates on piano roll and produces music with a violin and a part of piano in it. The violin plays all four strings simultaneously with beautiful articulation.