Afro-Brazilian Percussion Ensemble

Lydia Tan plays the Fundo in Bloco Afrobrazil, lead by Brazilian percussionist Marcus Santos.

Bloco Afrobrazil, based in Boston, Massachusetts, is a percussion ensemble that guarantees spectacular shows, combining traditional Brazilian grooves like Samba and Axé with Funk, Rock, Jazz and even Hip Hop. After just few beats everybody will be hitting the dance floor!! The grooves are filled with a tropical energy coming from Salvador, Brazil and they will take any event to a new level of fun and entrainment.

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Grooversity Festival at Somerville, Massachusetts. Photo:


Honk! Festival at Davis Square, Sommerville, Massachusetts. Photo:


Beantown Jazz Festival 2014 at Columbus Ave, Boston, Massachusetts, other programmes lined up for the festival includes Snark Puppy. Photo: Clement Liu

Header photo: Clement Liu

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