Inspiring You

Inspiring you to do the same.

Here are some avenues which I have done and you can easily do the same too.

1. Charity:Water

Thanks to the generous donations from friends for my 21st birthday, more than US$5,000 was raised to sponsor the drilling truck to retrieve clean water in Ethiopia.

Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 2.34.00 am.png

2. To-Go Boxes for the Homeless

Felt really burdened to see homeless people around Boston when I first moved there for my music studies. I gathered schoolmates with excess meal plans to swipe to-go boxes to share with the homeless. It is an easy task. Just do it.

3. Project Deafinitely You!

A project to bridge the gap between the deaf and non-deaf communities. My team and I gathered volunteers to learn American Sign Language (ASL) and organised a sports day with the deaf community. It was a day of fun. Till today my ASL skills have not left me. Find some time this year to pick up ASL too. 😉


Photo Header: With the oldest student I’ve had to date. Learning never stops!

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