A music educator since 2009, Lydia has taught students between the ages of 5 to 50 years old with various musical levels. She believes that it is never too late to learn music as long as one has the passion for it.

Teaching Experience:

  • MOE AMIS Instructor at Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School, Anglo Chinese School (Junior), Balestier Hill Primary School, Beacon Primary School, Bukit Timah Primary School, Casuarina Primary School, Fernvale Primary School, Fuhua Primary School, Jiemin Primary School, Jurong West Primary School, Northview primary School, Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Primary), St. Hilda’s Primary School, Woodgrove Primary School, and Xinghua Primary School
  • Tutor & Supervisor at Berklee College of Music Core Music Department
  • Tutor & Mentor at Berklee City Music
  • Piano Teacher at Earth Tone Music Academy, Kuala Lumpur
  • Piano Teacher at Ekletico School of Music, Massachusetts
  • Piano Instructor at Play By Ear Music School, Singapore
  • Music Director of Singapore Management University SMU Piano Ensemble
  • Conducted workshops at CASIO Singapore, Anadigi Sound Lab and Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

Areas of expertise:

  • Fundamentals and techniques of piano playing
  • Pop piano repertoire
  • Classical piano repertoire
  • Ear training (playing by ear)
  • Improvisation for classical pianist
  • European classical music theory
  • Contemporary music theory
  • History of Western Music, American Music and Non-Western Music
  • Writing for a cappella
  • Writing lead sheet (chords) for pop songs

Interested students please click here.

Here are some testimonies from her students:

Lydia was the best tutor I have had so far at Berklee, and I have been getting tutoring for four semesters now. I really enjoy her teaching style, the session doesn’t feel long and drawn out like many I’ve had in the past. I also like how she gives real music examples to think about for ear training, and identifies what I need to work on and gives me ways to do so. She also helps with harmony although i needed the most work on ear training. I definitely feel like I have improved with her help.

– Cierra, 20, Student, United States

Lydia is a great teacher! very clear and extremely patient. I wish all the other teachers I had in the past were more like her. people should learn from her because she is amazing at what she does. super nice, courteous, and very respectful. I would definitely recommend anybody to learn under Lydia. 10 out of 10 for teaching, I feel like have grown so much. Thank you Lydia.

– Anthony Vallejo, 26, Student, California

She is very kind and explains things in a very easy to understand way! She is also a great listener and does her best to answer all and any questions you have. I learned so much about music theory and ear training in just 4 months. She is very helpful as well and even offered to be my accompanist for my final vocal exam in college. Very easy to get along with and funny! Always enjoyed laughing and learning during class.

-Spencer, 19, Undergrad, Canada

I really enjoyed she was patient and I found the way to approach the most difficult tasks for me to do, to make them doable. I liked she made me solfege songs first and after that, spotted my weaknesses and knew what to do from there. She’s an outgoing person, inspires confidence and is not imitating, which I find very useful since I’m afraid to sing. I achieved a better understanding of melodic and harmonic dictations, using my not fully trained perfect pitch, which was better for me than using movable do; also, i gain much more confidence when sightreading. An experience that was very enjoyable was when she told me how to use my sort of perfect pitch to do better in melodic dictations that involved keys with many sharps or flats, which I had always problem with.

– Sonia, 19, Music Student, Columbia

You are a very good teacher, I think the most important thing about the way you teach is your patience and that you are always looking for the most effective way to teach depending on the subject. You are also a great musician. Thank you for being such a good tutor, you really helped me a lot.

– Anonymous, 18, Musician, Mexico

Miss Lydia is a very good teacher.I have one of the best classes in my whole piano life with her.She is not the person that only wants students to practice practice and practice. She is a person that loves teaching and very passionate with music. I wished that there were more music teachers like her.😊

– Anonymous, 14, Student, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

In our class she really helped me better my interval recognition as well as being able to sing them. She was very patient and helpful by giving me several exercises in increasing difficulty in order to increase my skills steadily. When I had no specific need for help regarding work from my core classes she was always ready to teach me and help me improve skills that would be necessary for my academic success.

– Nicky Ferreira, 19, Student, Brazil

Lydia is very patient, never losing her cool. She is talented, with excellent musicality, always imparting her knowledge of different styles of playing with various kinds of beats. She’s someone who not only teaches, but guides me each step of the way. She encourages me whenever I feel like giving up. Giving her best to make her lessons memorable and ensuring that I have a take-away after each, I’ve cultivated a passion for keyboard and slowly having a desire to pick up more instruments. And most importantly, she has and always will be an inspiration to me. I’m truly grateful for having had her taught me and guided me.

– Evonne, 11, Student, Singapore

I enjoyed the atmosphere she brings to the class! She teaches with a joyful heart, making the class lively. Lydia goes through different techniques every lesson with a recap of previous lessons, it’s very beneficial as I managed to learn something new every lesson. After years of learning from her, I reached my goal of mastering the basics! Lydia is very friendly and approachable. She has a bubbly character and a heart that’s more than willing to teach everything within her means. I remember when I first started attending her lessons, I was really shy. Being shy, I wouldn’t take the first step of asking her whenever I’m in doubt, and stayed silent through the whole lesson. But Lydia didn’t gave up teaching on a student that she didn’t know in what aspects that I was in need of help. Thanks to her countless efforts in helping me speak up & being patient with me, i finally opened up and enjoyed her lessons for the past years! Although Lydia isn’t teaching me anymore, she is someone who inspires me & keeps me motivated to complete piano!

– Anonymous, 11, Student, Singapore

I had no background in music and Lydia was patient and effective in instilling the basics of music theory and how it relates to practice. She customises the lessons according to the pace I am are comfortable with and music genre I am interested in, yet at the same time ensuring that learning outcomes and correct techniques are met. From not knowing any music, I have progressed to be able to read scores and play simple pieces within the six months.

– Anonymous, 28, Civil Servant, Singapore

The thing that i enjoyed most in Lydia’s class is the way she is being very patient and nice in class despite me being forgetful at times and needed her to explain the entire concept again. Despite being very understanding and caring, she always ensure high standards in music, picking on every mistakes I made, correcting my playing style to perfection. Knowing that I only listen to Chinese songs and might have difficulty in handling songs that i didn’t listen before, she actually makes the extra effort to choose suitable songs for me in order to make learning easier and at the same time, ensure optimum progression in my learning.

– Jun Jie, 22, Undergraduate, Singapore

Lydia is a patient, understanding and caring teacher. She understands her students’ needs, learning styles and pace, and adjusts to them accordingly. There was once when I was feeling down, she then taught me to play a soothing melody instead of continuing the usual lesson, which really brightened up my day.

Lydia is always supportive and encouraging. She told me not to be discouraged for being slow in my learning progress or not doing well as what I was expecting. I will always remember her telling me that not everything in life is always progressive, “one step back, three steps forward”, and not to give up.

Her passion for music and her perseverance in pursuing her music dream is very inspiring indeed. I enjoyed her lesson for over the past year and really appreciate her guidance; encouragements along the journey. =)

– Sinyee, 26, Research Editor, Malacca, Malaysia

Lydia has many qualities that make her an outstanding teacher. She is :

  1. patient – although I was slow in my learning, she patiently taught me and repeated again and again whenever I forgot the principles. She believed in me that I will progress some day , even though I was slow
  2. not judgmental – she does not judge me when I did not have time to complete her homework
  3. able to tailor the lessons accordingly in order to complement my strength & weaknesses in learning, rather than strictly follow the textbook
  4. affirming and encouraged me when I made progresses in my learning
  5. cheerful and warm – able to connect with her students easily; I made me feel that she was not just my teacher , she was also a friend

– Eunice, 46, Manager, Singapore

I enjoyed her teaching pace as it is comfortable. I am able to learn or relearn things as she will recap with me in most lessons, especially when I have missed several lessons in a row. As I am not a music student and I’m currently studying for a degree not related to music, it is very easy to forget what I learn after a few weeks. Thus, I feel that it is very useful that Lydia will try to recap and repeat things taught in the lesson. Furthermore, she is very patient in teaching and will also try to bring in music or songs from YouTube to aid me in learning a new score. I find that she is a very approachable person to interact with which makes me feel comfortable when asking questions to understand more. Another point which I enjoyed about her lesson is that she gives me room to explore ways to play a piece of music score and there is no fixed method to do so. Throughout the year, I feel that I’ve learnt from her and I initially thought that the theory part of music will be boring and unappealing, however with her teaching, I actually learnt to appreciate the theories and apply it in playing music.

– Magdalene, 20, Undergraduate, Singapore

Lydia is patient and tries her best to teach to the best of her ability despite the fact that I have difficulties in learning and unable to learn and improve consistently due to work commitment.

She is encouraging and tries different methods to teach so that I am able to learn better and deeper.

I am motivated to carry on my desire for playing the piano. 🙂

– Sam, 32, Teacher, Singapore

I enjoy how the fun experiences that I had with teacher Lydia. Her teaching style was very funny and weird but also helpful indeed. She is funny when I enter the class. I was able to accomplish offbeats I couldn’t at first – with teacher Lydia’s help. I like her as my piano teacher.

– Ng Le Anne, 10, Student, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Lydia’s classes are enjoyable as I gain new knowledge every week. It is challenging yet never stressful as she is a patient and an encouraging teacher. She simplifies complex theories and teaches to suit my learning speed.

– Esther, 32, Self-Employed, Singapore

6 months was a short time but I definitely learnt a lot! She was very patient and guided me well throughout my time with her. The fundamentals such as notations and rhythm were well taught. I was able to play a song on my second lesson. It definitely increased my confidence to play the piano. Thanks Lydia 🙂

– Ryden, 23, NSF, Singapore

Lydia is a passionate and patient piano instructor. She exhibited professionalism; and will explore alternative ways to help me overcome any difficulties and speed up my skills. Her lessons are always lively and fun. She is overall an awesome piano instructor!

– Natalie, 34, Marketing Specialist, Singapore

She does not scold me immediately when the howework/task is not complete, but will find out why I did not do it well. She has a kind and caring character, not to forget to mention the great, encouraging and inspiring praises she showers upon me! Thanks Teacher Lydia! 🙂

– Gabriel, 10, Student, Singapore

Lydia is patient in her teaching and is willing to share her knowledge and thoughts about music. The teaching is being conducted in a relaxing way following my own pace and I feel that this aspect can help students to grow their interests towards music.

– Huai Bao, 27, Ipoh, Malaysia

Students from the community music initiative, #sharp:

Lydia was always very enthusiastic about teaching us music even when all of us had no experience with the keyboard. The lessons were always well-paced and she made sure that we not only were able to interact with the mentors but with the other students as well. It has been a fun experience and I have no regrets.

– Josias, 14, Student, Singapore

One thing I enjoyed most is how interactive she is when she was teaching us, and that she taught us a variety of popular songs that has been arranged simpler by her. She’s bubbly and patient. From her lessons, I’ve learnt to read basic notes.

– Kelvin, 19, Student, Singapore

Lydia is a very easygoing teacher. I enjoyed every bit of her lessons. She focuses on her student’s strength and makes use of it to help her student understand better. Despite the short period of time that she taught me, I have learned enough skills and knowledge to play the piano.

– Nicole, 14, Student, The Philippines

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